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Unfolding Memories:

Photographs by Erika Ede

In Unfolding Memories, it is the artist's intention to recover images of what she calls her private landscape. The  exhibition brings together works from Ede's 'places of life' with both black and white and color prints of digital, film, and Polaroid images, transcending genre and showcasing the breadth and versatility of her practice.

Unfolding Memories is The Elizabeth Collective's first collaboration with Aldama Fabre Gallery from Bilbao.

Erika Ede is the chief photographer and photography department coordinator of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, where she has worked for over two decades, as well as an Honorary Professor at the University of the Basque Country. She is the recipient of the European Award for Women Photographers and has participated in a number of solo and group shows around the world, including her solo exhibition "Piel de Lluvia" at Sala Rekalde gallery in Bilbao.

Araneko, my palm tree

From the series Places of Life, 2000

Large format polaroid 55 negative

Inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper

130 x 105 cm

Courtesy: the artist