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between roots

& dreams

through december 5

Between roots and dreams is the series of paintings, sculptures and installations that Ines Fagalde Busquets and Mariela Martin, both artists from Tucuman, Argentina, present at The Elizabeth Collective in New York City.


A body of work composed of the internal landscapes that both artists go through and revealed through oil, marble, and an installation works. The artists speak through stylized and affective ancestral symbology about the route of destiny, where the roots that configure us are merged, and where they sustain us, all the while paying homage to the land that saw them born, to grow: the Calchaqufes Valleys, San Pedro de Colalao. On the other hand, the artists speak about the roads that have opened up fate with their promises, migrations, internal exodus and dreams: New York, Buenos Aires and Italy.


(very limited spots)

the faces of my voice

a fernanda carrillo exhibit

opening december 9

Fernanda Carri presents "The Faces of My Voice", an exhibition that mixes the beginnings of her work with confessional art to present a metamorphosis series. Carri’s oeuvre is an intimate demonstration of recurring themes in her life and journey. The selection of work for The Elizabeth Collective includes sculptures, ceramics and drawings, reflecting different periods in Carri’s career. Often biographical, her work explores themes including family, self-love and fear.

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